SSL Certificates:
What you Need to Know

With a wide array of SSL Certificates out there, one can get confused trying to settle for the certificates that best fit. As a matter of fact, the onus lies on you to do adequate research  about SSL Certificates and their peculiarities before you eventually install them.

Important Facts When Choosing an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates come in different types and can be differentiated using the following:

Validation type:

Domain Validation SSL Certificates

This is perfectly suited for small blogs and websites, which is the easiest of the SSL Certificates to get; it’s issued in less time — actually within minutes.

Business Validation SSL Certificates

As a legally registered small, medium or large enterprise, this is what you need to keep your client information secured on the internet.

Extended Validation (Green Bar) SSL Certificates 

With this, customers trust is boosted to a higher degree using a display of the famous green bar; they are the most favored ones as they help your company assert an authority of legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Number of domains:

One Domain SSL Certificates

This is mainly for those small business owners, who secure their website (one website) using some minimum information at a fairly low cost. It comes with a simple validation process, including confirmation of the ownership domain done through an automated online validation process.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

They offer great protection for an unlimited number of subdomains for a single domain.

Multi-domain SSL Certificates

They secure up to 100 different domains on a single certificate, saving time and money in the process.

Code Signing SSL Certificates

Before distribution over the web, IT developers can digitally sign their software using the Code Signing Certification. With this, end user downloading your digital program –32-bit or 64-bit– can therefore be confident that the code is coming from you without modification since it was signed. They prevent the infection of digital goods with malware of harmful code; slightly expensive because of this reason.

Your SSL Certificate is an important aspect of your online presence and should be chosen with regards to the validation type, number of domains, while analyzing the peculiarities of the existing SSL Certificate options.

The following criteria are essential to Choosing SSL Certification:


It is imperative to factor in your budget before the investment in an SSL Certification is done. Simple websites are less expensive than complex ones.


SSL certificates are offered at different times, some immediately, others later on mostly after verifying that your company is legally registered. It may take a week to get this done. Issuance speed goes hand in hand with validation level.


You can pay more if you require a higher level of security assurance. Therefore, during budgeting, always take it into consideration.

Additionally, the following features also comes to play when purchasing SSL Certificates


With a high warranty fee, comes a higher certification level of security, including encryption. Again, additional services are best provided by the Certificate Authority

Expiration policy

Before you start the purchase, it’s important that you check out the expiration and renewal policy of your SSL Certificate. Bear in mind that with longer span SSL Certificate, you will be paying more but with less maintenance cost.

Customer support

It is assured that you will enjoy the best of customer service, which will be made available 24/7 to help up fix whatever problem that crops up when in use.

Additional Services

With additional services come more cost. For example, malware or vulnerability detection makes one SSL Certificate cost more than the other.

>>> Going by what has been mentioned above, you’re armed with the right information to make your purchase.