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DBD Registered
Means a business registration at the Department of Business Development here in Thailand. Businesses which are official registered can be searched over their website: Department of Business Development Thailand

DBD Registered Logo
Businesses which are DBD Registered (see above) and are engaged in the following businesses:

1) Purchase and sale of goods or services by electronic media via internet system
2) Internet Service Provider
3) Web hosting
4) Central market for buying and selling of products goods or services by electronic media via internet system

Have to to apply for an e-commerce registration, according to the Business Registration Act, B. E. 2499 (A. D. 1956) and Regulation of Ministry of Commerce on Persons who have the Duties for Commercial Registration (No. 11), B. E. 2553 (A. D. 2010)

An entrepreneur applying for DBD Registered logo shall meet all of these seven requirements:

1. An applicant must be a website owner and has his/her own domain name.
2. The website must have had e-commerce registration in accordance with laws.
3. The website must show detailed information of the website owner, office address, telephone number and mobile phone number as well as channels for complaint filing and delivery of goods/services, both offline and online, or contact us menu.
4. Any goods or services to be offered for sale through the e-commerce channel shall not be contrary to the laws and public order or good morals.
5. The goods or services shall meet the objectives that have been electrically registered.
6. Presentation of the goods and services must be clear and there shall be such data as types of the goods or services, prices, and payment methods.
7. Customer care/after sales service policy must be clearly stated on the website.

Are these requirements fulfilled the entrepreneur receives a confirmation and a script which should be implemented on his homepage. The DBD Registered logo appears where the script is implemented. That DBD Registered logo is a link which opens a new window with a proof of honesty from the website. The honesty of the site is also searchable on:

Screenshot: DBD Registered logo on homepage with proof from

Screenshot: Direct website search at

Have you ever thought about your security on your computer or even in your network?

Certainly yes, and you have certainly an anti-virus software running on your computer – with good reason. But where have you obtained your operating system? Is it really an original?

There are many pirated copies for little money obtainable everywhere. Do you know the origin of this software? Maybe downloaded from the Internet? In the worst case, even modified by a hacker? And doubts arise with reasons. At the latest while you are doing online banking, setting aside the consequences.

We are deeply interested in your safety and the proper operation of your PC’s and your network. Only those who use original software can assume that their computer are safe and run flawlessly. As it says: What costs nothing is worth nothing.

Please begin to think of your safety in the bud: YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM.

With Windows products, make sure that you have an original.

With downloaded software make sure that the fingerprint is the same as on the page where you have downloaded that software. You can use for that the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier (Download).

For granted the whole applies to any kind of software!